At last!

It’s been a long road to this first post but at last here it is! Just so you know, I’ve spent every night the last few evenings trying to put this blog together, fiddling around with WordPress :). I work in technology but I have to tell you, it took me a while to get the hang of this one, lol (I know…don’t judge me ;)!

For so long I’ve wanted to pen down my private inner thoughts and make them “public”, bring them to life and keep them before my eyes because it is my attempt at understanding the world around me and the everyday nuances and conundrums of life that we’re faced with. I’d like to be able to claim that I’ve always journaled these thoughts but at last, I haven’t! As many may be able to attest or relate to, life happens and so there have been times when I’ve been diligent with writing in my journal and there have been times when many blank pages have stared me in the face! You cannot imagine my mortification (slightly exaggerated) when I pick up my journal and realize that my last post was 2 years prior, sometimes even more! Where does the time go though, seriously?!

So dear blog, I’m hoping you can help me change that and be better at capturing and articulating the random and abstract thoughts that roam within these brain cells of mine.

Here’s to our future together, may the words that we write satisfy our souls, stir our minds and illuminate life with all its intricacies, complexities but most importantly beauty!




2 thoughts on “At last!

  1. Yippy! It’s time to read some quality stuff…excited about this dear. Glad that you have found time to put your God given talent to good use… fantastic read!


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