Pulling my hair out!


I have had one of those “pulling my hair out” days today at work! I’m sitting at my desk writing this (it’s nearly 7pm!)…and I know what you might be thinking (it’s not that late) but it is to me if you know what my usual work hours are like. There seems to be no end in sight to my work today, arrghh! I have the worst headache ever and my faithful ibuprofen doesn’t seem to be responding today 😦 #what’stheworldcomingto?!

In case you’re wondering, I work in Technology for a global investment bank and we are in the process of a regulatory overhaul to put it mildly. it’s been about 6 years on from the global financial crisis but we’re still dealing with the aftermath and repercussions from it. In the long run, the aim is to provide more transparency and hopefully restore faith in the banking system, which is a good thing in my honest and humble unsolicited opinion! However, the part I did not take into account is that I’d be caught smack in the middle of it trying to understand endless pages of regulatory jargons from countries scattered across the globe. Now if i’m jetting off to these countries, that’s a whole different ball game 😉 (sign me up please)! I have flipped through more documents and emails than I can care to count today in an attempt to collate all that information into an easy enough to understand format for the tech guys (the nerds…shhhh please don’t tell them I said so) to work with.

If you ever want to see grown adults whining and whinging about work, you only need spend an hour or two in technology! Sometimes I feel like I’m dealing with 2 year olds who have to be appeased, coerced and cajoled to obey mama! But hey, nothing like the satisfaction every mum faces when they win and the little one obliges them right? To be fair though, they always deliver after all the foot stomping, head banging antics. My policy when it comes to work has always been “do as much as you can and leave the rest for tomorrow because the work never ends and there’s always another day”. But that policy ain’t gonna fly today because girl is up against a hard deadline here and I’m not about to be scolded at for not delivering. Hence (as my twin likes to always say) the work continues! But don’t get me wrong though, I enjoy my job with all it’s complexities. Funny thing is, I never started out choosing a career in technology, it just sort of happened although I’m a big believer that everything happens a reason. Some of my friends have said to me that they can’t reconcile  technology and me i.e. we don’t seem to go together! I don’t know whether that’s a compliment or an insult…but I’ll choose the former in any case.

Right, time to get back to work before I drift off here in my thoughts and bore you with nerdy details! I’ll leave you with the following tech cartoon from Dilbert:

Cartoon from Dilbert
Cartoon from Dilbert

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2 thoughts on “Pulling my hair out!

  1. My strategy or approach to handling stressful days is simple…Listen to Music! I normally recommend Jazz or something mellow. Soothes the soul and massages your brain cells, it works!


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