My Ocean Encounter

An allegory to the roller coaster but beauty that is life.

Standing on the shores of the ocean, I fear not because my feet is firmly planted on the sands beneath the waters. I dare to sink my feet further into the sands to feel the smooth softness of the sand, allowing the water and pebbles wash over my feet as I enjoy the coolness of the ocean, the smell of sea salt and the beauty of nature all around me. I am secure in knowing that I need only take a couple of steps and I would be removed from the ferociousness of the waves crashing into the shores of the great big ocean.

But what happens when that safety net is removed? What happens when I’m no longer within the perimeter of the safe shores and I find myself right in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by deep waters sinking thousands of feet below? How do I stand? Where can I run to for safety? Even if I could swim, I’d probably burn out before I had a chance to reach the shore. It is in the deep that I realize that I’ve come to the end of myself. No amount of swimming lessons I may have done or treading water can save me now. In the deep I become afraid to stand, to sink my feet further in because my safety net is gone.

Old San Juan, PR.
San Juan, PR.

And yet it is to the deep that I am called. In the deep, grace abounds! I come to the end of myself and cry out to the only One who can save me, the only One who’s been with me all along, I just didn’t know it or realize it. See, even when I was on the shallow waters near the sea shore, He was standing right beside me, but I paid him no attention because I was caught up in my ability to stand up on my own, playing with the sand and dictating my boundaries in order to secure my safety. But in the deep, those boundaries are gone and all I am faced with is the vast expanse of open sea, filled with billowing waves and great and mighty creatures. In the deep, I come face to face with fear and uncertainty, my heart pulsates a thousand beats per min; I gasp for air desperately trying to stay afloat while my muted screams reverberates from within. What lurks underneath and around me, I do not know but my mind is terrified at the possibilities. The fear of the unknown, of what will happen if I stay on in the deep. I remember my frailty and my limitations and in that moment, I realize that…I cannot do it on my own. I don’t have the physical capacity or resilience to beat the monstrosity of the ocean. I just cannot tread the deep the same way I tread the shallow waters…

Where is the lover of my soul? The one who longs to save me. Has he left me? Have I pushed him away? Will he come back to me and rescue me? if only I would let him in, if only I wouldn’t push him away…


For more on “My Ocean Encounter”, tune in tomorrow to find out what happens…


6 thoughts on “My Ocean Encounter

  1. The deep ineed is where i long to be, for it is in the deep, that i can “Walk on Water”…Thus, the deep is the set stage for the Miraculous to occur…by Faith

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