One of a kind love

Today I thought I’d share a poem I wrote a while ago when I was pondering the meaning of true love. It came from a time of confusion and despair when I couldn’t understand why certain things happen in life. Whether that’s the disappointment of a love lost, shattered dreams, broken promises, whatever it may be, there is something in the human spirit that yearns for love – to be loved and to love. When promises are broken and life happens, it can leave us feeling dejected and perhaps rejected, without hope and excruciatingly disappointed. But maybe, just maybe…the kind of love we long and hope for isn’t real love? Maybe we’ve confused the fairy tale love and romance of Hollywood and Disney movies for real love, pining for the happily ever after story.

I’ve learned that romance movies grasps for a utopia that does not exist in reality. The perfect state, the perfect marriage, the perfect relationship. Isn’t that what we all want? But when reality sets in, we’re left confused because the outcome of reality never mirrors the art we’ve come to imbibe.

So as I pondered what true love means to me, this is what came to mind…

One of a kind love

I know a man
A humble king, yet servant man
His love is one of a kind
The kind with no boundaries
No conditions, no ultimatums
Pure and simple
Compassionate and all encompassing
The King’s love
The Savior’s love
Redeeming all
Available to all
One that makes rich
And adds no sorrows with it
One of a kind love.

See, I’ve tasted the other kind of love
The one that leaves you bewildered
Exhilarating, yet debilitating
Hot today, cold tomorrow
Ambiguous love
Love that is happy yet sad
At times joyful
yet sorrowful
Is this it?
How can this be?
When the first love I’ve known
Tells me a different story.
Sometimes it takes one
to truly know the other
One of a kind love.

I know what it’s like
I know what it’s like
To be in the kind of love that never fails.
Love that won’t leave tears of sadness
On your pillow at night
But leaves you feeling right
Love that wraps you in its warm embrace
So you can find solace.
Overwhelmed by the sense of acceptance
Love like no other kind!
Love that brings kindness to life
Delighting all inside.
Only one has walked this earth and truly loved
Do you know His name?
His love, is one of a kind.


8 thoughts on “One of a kind love

  1. PS: The authentic “other kind of love” isn’t hot today and cold tomorrow. It’s constant and consistent. True love doesn’t falter, cause people to ponder, wonder or seek validation.

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  2. *music*
    Love, a word that comes and goes but few people really know what it means to really love somebody… Though the tears may fade away, I’m so glad Your love will stay…. *music* ______K.Franklin


    1. Though the tears may fade away, I’m so glad your love will stay cause I love you and you show me Jesus what it really means to love. I love that song! Brings back good ol’ memories from Kirk Franklin days.


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