New Year, New Recipe

As a food loving amateur chef (ha!), I couldn’t resist putting up a post on my new found recipe! Totally unrelated to my blog theme but hey…so what?! Check out the picture below… Looks yummy right?! :)👌…presentation skills could do with some improvement, I’m working on it.


I’m proud of my culinary skills if I may say so myself!😜

Incase you’re wondering what it’s made of, the primary ingredients are:

Parsnips (I 💛 them)
Yellow peppers
Onions and
The animal of choice – 🐐 a.k.a lamb chops all drizzled with some apple cider reduction!

While I’m not the inventor of the recipe sadly, I’d be more than happy to share it so buzz me or leave me a comment and I’ll get it right to you!

Bon appetit!


The growing whisper

There’s a whisper in my soul…one that grows louder with each passing day. It starts out very quiet, first as a random thought so unusual and illogical that it is quickly replaced by the mundane, normal thoughts dominant in my rapidly active mind. But then the whisper comes back more firmly and more resolute only this time not just with random thoughts but visions of a life different from what I’ve grown accustomed to. With the realization that it is more than just a whisper comes the sobering questions – what next? how? why? Suddenly life as I know it no longer seems enough. It seems to be a whisper carrying with it a desire for more and a push to seek  and walk a different life. The discontent in my spirit is not linked to the need for the acquisition of personal and material things. But rather to give and maximize potential beyond what I can ever ask or imagine. Is it a discontentment at dreams and aspirations not yet lived? Have I been born for such a time as this? What am I here for and am I fulfilling my mission? Is my life carved out for something so different beyond my wildest imaginations? Beyond what I’ve known and have come to accept?

This growing whisper has becoming a nagging in my conscious that has refused to let go. So unsettling is it that the normal routine holds no appeal anymore, but rather it is breathing and igniting a desire for radical transformation and change! But yet, I wrestle. Wrestle against developing those thoughts and giving life to it. Why? For fear of what it will mean, because it is like threading into unknown waters. The familiar is comfort and seeming certainty – while the unfamiliar represents discomfort and uncertainty. Who in their right minds would want to knowingly walk into discomfort and unknown territory?

But another more terrifying thought forms and even as that thought forms, I shudder to think of it. “Can you look back at the end of your life and be content with unfulfilled dreams?”. It is not a question I want to answer because I will not let fear paralyze me. I know in my spirit that I was born for such a time as this. So I have made a decision – with each passing day I will allow this growing whisper get louder and I will listen and trust Wisdom to guide me in the path she has prepared for me. I do not know what that path is, but I know that it is one filled with  light, honor and glory, impact and change. It will leave it’s mark and not be a silent dream and aspiration waiting for it’s time to go six feet under. It will reverberate for generations to come and He who made me will be glorified in it for in Him all things hold together.

I have a dream and it will not die.