A Happy Place Poem

Today’s post features a poem I wrote a few years, my first ever attempt at writing a rhyming poem. I have long harbored a desire to be a poet among-st many other things and frequently draw from my all time role model poet, Maya Angelou whose words and poems have stuck with me and birthed a love for the beauty of words. Words are like honey to the soul, to be cherished, nurtured, ruminated over and absorbed for their immense power at conveying the deepest thoughts and feelings of humanity.

Hope you enjoy today’s lighthearted post and do leave me a comment! I love hearing from my readers.

A Happy Place

I go to a happy place
Where not a care exists
Feet bare
Wind in my hair
Running through fields of meadow
Colors bright
Everything feels right

In my happy place
The sun shines bright
Bringing forth its light
Defying time and space
Rays bursting through with grace
With sunshine hellos
Smile her heart glees
Now you can be free
Like poppies carried by the wind
Lay on the meadow

Be still beautiful one
Your heart is free
Caressed by the warmth
Radiant from her Lover soul’s



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